Halloween Books We Love


I can’t say it tops Christmas, but almost in our house.  Our family has always loved (ok had an obsession) with Halloween.  It starts in early September when we bring out the Halloween books, mid-September trips to the pumpkin patch, and then of course our decorations are always up before October.  I love to bring out holiday books because they have a sort of unique novelty to them.  The kids love to look through them, and say “oh I remember this one!”.  It seems to also refuel their interest in reading, and most importantly, it’s FUN.  I hope you will check out and enjoy some of our family favorites that our 8, 6, and 2 year old love!  What are some of your Halloween Favorites?

The 13 Nights of Halloween by Guy Vasilovich

Max’s Halloween by Rosemary Wells

Skeleton for Dinner by Margery Cuyler

Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell

Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins by James Dean

Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex

Witches Four by Marc Brown

Pop-Up Surprise Haunted House by Roger Priddy and Sarah Powell

Monster Needs A Costume by Paul Czajak

Ed’s Egg by David Bedford {a book review}

Ed’s Egg by David Bedford is the story of a chick named Ed who is a little too comfortable in his shell.  His egg has started to hatch, but it’s so warm and cozy inside and he doesn’t want to get out!

Full of colorful, soft illustrations, Ed’s Egg is perfect for those nights when you want a quick bedtime read.  My kids like watching Ed’s egg slowly hatch and fall apart while he is busy playing with the ducks and other animals.  Ed thinks the other animals can’t see him since he is partially in his shell.  When he states this, my kids like to shout, “Yes they can!”.

In the end Ed realizes his egg isn’t the only place he can feel safe, and of course ends up cuddled up next to his mommy.  I always like to add “just like you guys are right now!” as they are cuddled up in my lap.  Right now this book makes me think of springtime, which really needs to get here soon, because I’m tired of winter and the cold!

Children’s Books Are For Every Age

Just when I think my kids have outgrown certain children’s books, they will always surprise me by suddenly being drawn to the book I am about to put away.  One example is this animal picture book that is completely torn apart from the days of having a 2 year old and 6 month old.  This book has seen better days, and although I was not going to throw it away – I thought I would put it in my “baby books” bin I have started in case we have a third someday.

Even at the ages of “almost three” and “four and a half”, they love looking at the animals, discussing their favorites, and giving them names.  I have to admit, of all the books I have read to my kids, this one is actually my favorite.  It brings back memories of when they were younger toddlers, would sit so nicely in my lap, and take in every page.  Every night we read this book cover to cover (okay most nights)…sometimes if I was tired I would pull the trick of skipping a few pages!  Let’s just say this was a standard bedtime read – always on the nightstand.  One of my most precious memories is of reading this book to Johnny.  On the farm animal page we would go through the standard sounds, cow, horse, duck, etc…but when I would say, “and a hen says cluck, cluck”, he would turn and look up to me and give me the cutest smile in the world…every time.  I always knew it was coming and I looked forward to it.  I wish I had a snapshot of that adorable face, but it looked something like this:

Layla, a bird lover, has always been drawn to this page.  She is fascinated by birds…and the movie, Rio.  Everytime we hit this spread:

…she finds two birds to name Rio and “Jules”.  I actually just realized the girl bird in the movie is really named Jewel.  This picture of Layla is from when she was around 22 months, but it captures her playfulness and I love it!

So I guess what I am trying to say is as parents we often think our kids have outgrown things…but it’s surprising, sweet, and fun to watch them enjoy books & toys from earlier years in a new way.  It make me (for a few minutes at least) believe they are not growing up as fast as I thought!