Halloween Books We Love


I can’t say it tops Christmas, but almost in our house.  Our family has always loved (ok had an obsession) with Halloween.  It starts in early September when we bring out the Halloween books, mid-September trips to the pumpkin patch, and then of course our decorations are always up before October.  I love to bring out holiday books because they have a sort of unique novelty to them.  The kids love to look through them, and say “oh I remember this one!”.  It seems to also refuel their interest in reading, and most importantly, it’s FUN.  I hope you will check out and enjoy some of our family favorites that our 8, 6, and 2 year old love!  What are some of your Halloween Favorites?

The 13 Nights of Halloween by Guy Vasilovich

Max’s Halloween by Rosemary Wells

Skeleton for Dinner by Margery Cuyler

Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell

Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins by James Dean

Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex

Witches Four by Marc Brown

Pop-Up Surprise Haunted House by Roger Priddy and Sarah Powell

Monster Needs A Costume by Paul Czajak

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes

In last month’s post about Layla’s 3rd birthday, I mentioned this book was one of my favorite gifts she received.  Since we read this every night, I thought it deserved a book review.

Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin follows the “kool cat” Pete as he strolls along in his new white shoes. But “Oh no!”  Pete steps in a pile of blueberries, strawberries, and mud!  Does he cry? “Goodness No!”.  No matter what Pete encounters he keeps walking along and singing his song.

This interactive book is fun for both parents and kids!  I love the question/response format and enjoy watching my kids laugh and shout out their answers.  They actually stand the whole time I read this.  I get a kick out of watching them sing and dance with Pete.  The book also comes with a link to the Harper Collin’s website where you can listen to the author read the story and download the song and other Pete the Cat activities.  The tune “I Love My White Shoes” is pretty catchy and probably what I enjoy most when reading this to the kids.

Book Review: How I Became A Pirate

This Christmas when grandparents asked for gift suggestions – I decided to add several books to the list.  It’s winter, we are inside ALL the time, and needed to spice up our bookshelves.  How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long is one of our new additions, and simply a gem!
Illustrated by David Shannon, the cover immediately intrigued my four year old son.  This book just screams “boy”.  Each page is full of bright, vibrant and action-packed images that keep him engaged and asking questions.  This really is an important factor when I choose books for my toddlers, who typically have a shorter attention span!
How I Became a Pirate follows Jeremy Jacob and his glimpse into the life of a pirate. A day at the beach turns into a wild ride with Captain Braid Beard and his pirate crew.  He learns a new pirate lingo including fun words like “scurvy dog”, and learns that pirates don’t eat veggies or have good manners.  All seems fun until it’s time for bed and “pirates don’t tuck” or read bedtime stories…and he really needs to get back for soccer practice.
What do I love most about this book?  It’s a fun read that will fascinate your child and prove that parents aren’t so bad after all!

Book Review: The Monster at the end of this Book

An oldie but a goodie.  When I originally found Sesame Street’s, The Monster at the end of this Book, I was taken back to memories of enjoying this fun and playful read with my own mom.  Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover, this interactive book begins with Grover explaining to the reader how he is scared of the “monster” at the end of the book.  So scared in fact, he begs young readers not to turn the pages.  As the story unfolds, Grover build walls and takes other creative measures to prevent this from happening. 

I personally enjoy watching my son’s anticipation grow with the turn of each page.  Reading this one together brings lots of laughter to story time – a definite must-have for your child’s book collection.  We love this book so much that we purchased the ipad version as well, which gives an animated quality to the classic.  Enjoy!

Book Review: Giraffes Can’t Dance

Lately, my 3 year old son has been choosing Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae as his go-to bedtime read.  He is a superhero fanatic (which is adorable), however, I have to admit I love when he chooses a book like this as opposed to a Spiderman or Captain America book! 

This is a really touching story about Gerald the Giraffe who so badly wants to dance with the other animals, but feels awkward and self-conscious.  A sad Gerald meets a friendly cricket who teaches him to listen to the sounds around him and dance to his own tune.  So well in fact when he re-joins the other animals – they are in awe.

What my son loves about this book are the vibrant and detailed illustrations of the animals dancing in the jungle.  He giggles when the “chimps do the cha-cha” and “the lions do the tango”.  What I love is the message it sends, which is that it’s okay to be yourself even if that means being different.  This poetic rhyme is song-like, flows well, and is fun to read to your children.

Spread from Giraffes Can’t Dance