Why hello!

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Thank you for stopping by Petite Literary, where we cover anything and everything related to children’s books and story time!  A little bit about me…my husband and I have been together since high school and this year celebrated 12 years of marriage.  Together we have three young children, Johnny, Layla, and Jesse.

I started this blog because to be quite honest I’m horrible at scrap booking.  Trust me, I tried.  But I’m too type A and a page literally would take me hours, and when my oldest was 3 and I was still only on his 7 month page…let’s just say it was never going to happen!  I love reading with the kids and figured this would be a great way to journal our experiences and precious conversations we have at bedtime.

I’m all about mixing-up story time and finding ways to keep reading fun. I hope to share our favorite books, traditions, and book-related products with you.  Some may say I have a slight obsession with home decor, so I often post book nook ideas and book storage solutions for children’s bedrooms and play rooms.

I love reading all of your comments and am always open to hearing your ideas and book review suggestions!