3 Easy, Simple Ways to Keep your Kids Reading this Summer

Image courtesy of Time.com

I’ve read a lot of articles about ways to make sure your children keep reading over the summer.  Many involve signing up for some type of reading club, tracking the number of books read, reading charts, and rewards.  While this may work for some families, it just doesn’t in ours.  We are so busy with activities, charts, tracking, etc during the school year, and I just prefer summer to be a time to take a step back and RELAX!

It doesn’t mean however, that I want my kids to stop reading.  I want them to read, and I want them to WANT to read.  I just prefer a more low-key approach, and this works for us.  So here are a few easy, simple ways you can ensure your children continue reading throughout the summer:

  • Visit your public library weekly.

That’s it!  There are no rules when you get to the library other than your kids get to choose what book they want to pick out.  Some libraries also have Children’s Storytime once a week.  My kids love this.  {On a side note:  This can be a good time to go as well, because chances are someone else’s kids will be screaming and yelling…so you won’t feel so bad if your own have a meltdown!}  Libraries offer more than just books, and I’m okay with that.  If my kids want to check out a movie or hop on the library computer for a bit – I let them.  I want the library to be an experience they enjoy and look forward too.

  • Change up your reading spot frequently.

I’ve written about this before, but it truly is the easiest way to make reading fun.  I let the kids decide what new and fun spots (inside or out) they would like to pick for reading.  We’ve read in my son’s crib, in home-made forts, in the playset, at the picnic table, under the table,  in the dark with a flashlight…you name it.

  • Make time for reading.

During the school year bedtime is when we read.  In the summer it’s just not the best time for our family.  We are outdoors every evening and typically let the kids stay up later.  So we do our best to try and carve out time earlier in the day for this.  My rule this summer is for the kids to wake up, make their beds, brush their teeth, and do a few simple chores.  Before they can turn on the TV, they need to read for 20 minutes.   Sometimes I do hear a few groans, but once we start reading they forget about the TV and sometimes end up reading longer than I had even hoped for.

If you have other tips or ideas on how to keep your little ones reading this summer, please share with us!

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