Spontaneous & Fun Reading Spaces for Kids

In the summer, I will be the first one to admit, we slack a bit when it comes to reading.  We are out of the school routine…and we don’t have a reading chart to sign and send back everyday!  There’s so much to do outside and sometimes the kids seem to have less of an interest in reading.
This weekend we took a break from the heat and I decided to let the kids pick a special spot they would like to build a “reading fort”.  Layla picked Jesse’s crib and the rest was history.  We spent a few minutes building the fort (which as you can see was pretty easy).  Because it was dark under there, we started by telling spooky stories and then Layla read one of her favorite books to Jesse called The Monster at the End of this Book.
You can see she gets very animated!  This honestly was the sweetest moment.  The kids weren’t fighting, complaining or saying they were bored.  They were genuinely having fun reading!  So much they asked to do it again the next day.  #Winning!
Awhile back we reviewed The Monster at the End of this Bookcheck it out!

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