Pink Flamingos

So my two and a half year old Jesse has an obsession with birds…specifically pink flamingos!  It all started with a walk to the park when he spotted one (well yard art) in someone’s landscaping.  He talks about it on walks now and looks for them constantly.  He even poses like them frequently and says “Look mom, I’m a pink flamingo!”…and he’s SO proud.

So what does this have to do with children’s books you might ask?  Now, more than ever they are popping up on EVERY children’s book I read.  I know it’s part of a California-inspired trend right now (i.e.:  flamingos, swans, pineapples, etc), but it still makes me laugh.  He has spotted them in at least 5 of the books we own.  Never noticed them before.  He doesn’t want to read any of our classics, as much as I try.  And guess what?  I’m okay with that!  He’s my 3rd child!  Bottom line is he still enjoys cuddling up with me and a book and I will take it.  Just for fun here’s a pic of little Jesse and his new pink flamingo stuffed animal his aunt picked up for him on a recent zoo trip.  Love this boy.


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