Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit Book Review

My son was born a baseball fan and of course was super excited when I brought this book home from the book fair last week.

As my son has grown up, (I say that like he’s so old…he’s only four) I try to find books more geared to little boys – because my son is ALL BOY.  Plus he has definitely read his fair share of princess books lately!   Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit by Chris Van Dusen is a “hit”, and the perfect children’s book for little boys with big imaginations. 

Randy isn’t the best at baseball, but he does have mad science skills.  When this little genious discovers a meteor fireball is about to crash into Earth, he builds a robot baseball player to blast the fireball right into outerspace.  He may not hit the ball on the field, but saving the planet is the best homerun of all.

The two things I love most about this book are its captivating illustrations and the poetic rythym of the story.  It’s a fun read that usually has my little boy saying “can we read it again?”.   We like it so much, I plan to check out other books by author Chris Van Dusen including The Circus Ship and If I Built A Car.

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