Can We Read Another Book Mom?

Some nights I am exhausted (ok – most nights), and like many moms, I often have the urge to rush through storytime (as I mentioned in this post about our children’s bedtime storytime routine.  When I feel this way I try to remember this time with them is so precious and won’t last forever.  And seriously, how can I say no when my daughter’s cute little voice says, “can we read another book mom?”.

Tonight I fed the kids dinner, gave them baths super early, and then when my husband got home I ran on the treadmill.  Lately I have been running after the kids go to bed, which stinks because the night is gone before I know it.  I finished running shortly after 8pm and came upstairs to find my husband reading The Rainbow Fish to the kids.  There is something so sweet about seeing a father read to his children.  A dad’s voice is just so soothing and you wouldn’t believe how much better they sat in the chair with him!  Then we read a few more of our favorites including one that will be reviewed soon called Wherever You Are.

There is just something so calming about storytime with the kids.  I think it’s the combination of my daughter’s peaceful room, our cozy reading chair, the stillness of the house with only the words of our favorite book, and my little ones in my lap.  It’s so nice to wind down with them as they get ready for bed.

What does your children’s storytime entail?  Please share your favorite bedtime books and storytime traditions with us!

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