Tips for Reading to Energetic Toddlers

Ever since we replaced my daughters crib with a twin mattress on the floor (I haven’t found a bed I like just yet), my kids only want to jump on the bed and play during storytime.  At first I would get frustrated and try to force them to sit with me in our reading chair.  But this wasn’t fun and I had to remind myself they are young, energetic toddlers. Below are a few tips to help you make the most of storytime with your energetic toddler.

Don’t expect your kids to sit still – or even sit at all!

Toddlers are always on the go.  Mine are either jumping on the bed, skipping around the room, or spinning in circles while I read to them.  Even though it may not look like they are listening, trust me they are.  They often stop to look at certain pages based on what they hear me reading.

Let your kids choose what book they want to read.

Your children will be more interested if they feel in control and it’s a book they picked out all by themself. 

Make mistakes on purpose with the books you read most often.

This keeps your children on their toes and they will LOVE correcting you.

Choose interactive books.

Books that keep kids engaged with question/response or silly songs will keep your little readers tuned in.

Make reading fun.

If it’s not fun they won’t want to do it.  Don’t feel like you have to finish every book you start reading.  For you type A moms (like myself)…it’s OKAY to pick out a new book and start over!  And remember, toddlers have a short attention span so keep reading times short and just read more often.

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