Happy 3rd Birthday to My Little Layla!

Wild Child. Sweetheart.  Princess. Miss Independent. Drama Queen.

There is absolutely NO way my little baby turns 3 today!  Where has the time gone?  No longer a baby, but rather a beautiful little girl.  One who knows how to work me with those big blue eyes.  Especially lately with her newest phrase, “Mommy I have something to tell you…I love you”.  This is the same child that within minutes however, could be throwing her toys and screaming “I don’t want you!”.  I hear 3 is the new 2 and I believe it!

What is she into these days?  Obviously Tinkerbell and her fairy friends by the looks of her cake.  Having an older brother she really loves her ninja turtles, and knows all of them by color and name.  She also enjoys saving the day playing superheroes with her brother, who prefers to go by Batman.  Ariel and Cinderella currently rank highest amongst the Disney Princesses, and her daily hairstyling session revolves around which princess she chooses to be for the day! 

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with pizza, cake, and of course a tantrum or two!  Overall it was a success and she was spoiled with gifts by her many grandparents.  My favorite gifts are always the books…here are a couple she opened at her party:

The Ducking Gets a Cookie!?  by Mo Willems

Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes  by Eric Litwin

Both excellent books in different ways.  Mo Willems will of course have you laughing with The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?, an interactive read perfect for holding a toddler’s attention.  (Layla right now likes to tumble around her room and jump on her bed while I read to her).  This one did get her to sit down next to us for a few minutes!  And they seem to enjoy singing along with the “kool kat” in Pete the Cat, as he strolls around town in his new white shoes.  Not white for long though as he steps in piles of colorful objects- but nothing will get him down…because “it’s all good”.

Happy Birthday Sweet Layla Girl!  We love you and are looking forward to what this year will bring!

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