Ed’s Egg by David Bedford {a book review}

Ed’s Egg by David Bedford is the story of a chick named Ed who is a little too comfortable in his shell.  His egg has started to hatch, but it’s so warm and cozy inside and he doesn’t want to get out!

Full of colorful, soft illustrations, Ed’s Egg is perfect for those nights when you want a quick bedtime read.  My kids like watching Ed’s egg slowly hatch and fall apart while he is busy playing with the ducks and other animals.  Ed thinks the other animals can’t see him since he is partially in his shell.  When he states this, my kids like to shout, “Yes they can!”.

In the end Ed realizes his egg isn’t the only place he can feel safe, and of course ends up cuddled up next to his mommy.  I always like to add “just like you guys are right now!” as they are cuddled up in my lap.  Right now this book makes me think of springtime, which really needs to get here soon, because I’m tired of winter and the cold!

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