Dennis Rodman Writes a Children’s Book

Often we see celebrities with young children venture into writing their own children’s book…but did you ever think you’d see the day when NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman authored a children’s book?  Me either.

Judging the book by it’s cover I’d say the bull in Dennis The Wild Bull closely resembles the crazy and wild personality of Dennis Rodman, right down to the piercings in his nose.  Not a big basketball fan it took me a minute to realize that he also played for the Chicago Bulls!  Pretty clever.

Released on Wednesday, Dennis The Wild Bull, is a story about a bull who was taken from his family and forced to live the rodeo life with other bulls.    Dennis looks different from the other bulls, but eventually they accept him and he fits in.

Rodman in an interview with USA Today stated, “Once I got to know the other bulls, I liked them,” Rodman said. “I enjoyed their company and stuff like that, and they accepted me for who I am no matter how I look.”

I haven’t read this – but I think it probably has a good message and seems like a book adventurous little boys might like.  Your thoughts???

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