The Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount – Children’s Books

As I’ve said before, the bedtime storytime routine is a very important one.  There are so many special memories and moments created while reading to your kids.  And of course, there are books that stand out for whatever reason: it may be your child’s favorite, or it might trigger a memory of your child at a certain age, or because it’s one your parents read to you when you were growing up.

Children’s books are impactful and they should be remembered.  That’s why I so love the idea behind the “Ideal Bookshelf” by Jane Mount.  Simply put, Jane Mount paints people’s ideal bookshelves.  You can choose your favorite books (any type of book, but I think children’s books would be the most fun!), and she will paint your own personalized ideal bookshelf.  She also has several prints already completed of classic children’s books you can purchase at very reasonable prices.

As I’m writing this it just struck me…this would be the perfect baby shower gift from a parent to their child.  What a cool way to pass on storytime traditions and memories.

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