Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Opens in Theaters Today

I took my kids to see a movie today for the first time ever!  I was a little nervous to take a two and three year old to the movies, but Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax was a hit.  Now I must admit we had popcorn, treats, and drinks to keep them occupied – but it wasn’t even neccessary.  They were so captivated by the action, imagery, and storyline – it really ended up being a fun experience.  And we didn’t even have to take a potty break!
It seems reviews are mixed on this movie.  Some critics say it strays to far from the book – but I thought it was a cute movie with a great environmental message to protect nature and understand there are consequences when we don’t.  What I most enjoyed was The Lorax maintained the lively and coloful visuals we are used to seeing in Dr. Seuss books.  I can not get enough of these trees – I just LOVE the color scheme.  It makes me want to throw a Lorax themed party or decorate a room!  Here’s a few ideas I found in case you are inspired to do the same…
Truffula Tree Toppers by Hank and Hunt
The Lorax Cake Pops by Bakerella
It’s Party Time from Tanya Staab
The Lorax Tree Centerpiece by Gwynn Wasson Designs
Did you catch this?  A Lorax Moustache Pillow!
Ceiling Poms at Clara’s Closet
Truffula Tree Craft from Babble

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