Book Review: If You Give A Dog A Donut

I love this book and so do my kids – especially my 3 year old son.  If You Give A Dog A Donut, by Laura Numeroff, is part of the “If You Give…” series, which includes titles like If You Give A Cat A Cupcake and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  This book was our first introduction to the author’s collection and definitely not our last. 

If You Give A Dog A Donut is a wonderfully written cause and effect story of a boy and his dog which begins with the simple act of feeding him a donut.  “If you give a dog a donut, he’ll ask for some apple juice to go with it.  When you give him the juice, he’ll drink it all up”. 

And of course this dog wants more, but since it’s all gone, he’ll have to pick more apples – which makes him think of baseball…you get the idea!  This wild and crazy dog takes readers on a backyard adventure which includes pirates, a water fight, and flying kites.  It’s a really fun read, and we have fun guessing what the dog will do next.  I often ask him “Do you think our dog would do that?”, which generates even more dialogue.

This book is not only cute, but funny!  I know this will remain on our bedtime story list for quite some time.

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