Book Review: Germs Are Not for Sharing

I am not a germ freak – but I do go through phases…especially after my kids are sick or after they come back from the germ infested play area at the mall!  I have taught my kids to wash their hands, but this book does a great job of bringing the message home.  Part of the Best Behavior Series by Elizabeth Verdick, Germs Are Not for Sharing discusses what germs are, how they can make people sick, and why we need to wash them down the drain. 

What I like most about this book is it speaks to children in simple terms using illustrations they can relate to.  Germs Are Not for Sharing is perfect for teaching preschool to early elementary aged children the basics of handwashing.  After reading this book, my son Johnny has started to show more enthusiasm for washing his hands, and often tells me why he is doing it – “so other kids don’t get sick”.  I think I am going to have to check out more books from the Best Behavior Series…:)

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