Our Childrens Bedtime Story Routine

I love our bedtime routine:  bath, brush teeth, and books…and a story…oh and a song!  Probably similar to many households with young children.  They will do anything to delay going to bed.  And rightfully so -there’s just something I love about cuddling with my clean, strawberry shampoo-smelling kiddos while we read their favorite books.  No television, no iphones, no distractions – just time well spent together. 

There was a period of time when I would rush through storytime.  It think it was when my daughter was around 6 months old and my son had just turned 2.  They kept me busy, and like most moms, by 8pm I was wiped.  But then I started to realize how fast kids grow up and that someday I would think back to these days and how great they were.  I mean I already miss rocking my kids when they were babies!

So we first read books to my two-year old daughter, Layla.  Sometimes we all sit together in our big cozy white rocking chair – and sometimes my son Johnny stands to the side because he’s a “big boy”.  Right now she picks I Love You Through and Through and the Dr. Suess classic, One fish two fish red fish blue fish.  What I like about these books is they are great for many ages.  Both of my kids have loved them as infants, babies, and now toddlers.  I Love You Through and Through is a great rhyming read that isn’t a story, but rather a visual explanation of how they will be loved from top to bottom, ending with “I love you through and through, yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.”  One fish two fish red fish blue fish is perfect right now because I’m really working with her on her colors (for awhile everything was “blue”)!  This whimsicle book is full of images and sections that make no sense – which makes it perfect for the toddler who likes to skip around and turn their own pages.  I’ve read this book so much to my kids and I honestly never get tired of it.  I think that’s the true test – when both kids and parents can read the same book night after night!

After our books we turn out the light and she lets me rock her (which unlike my son she rarely did as a baby).  We sing “You Are My Sunshine” and….sometimes the song from Super-Why because she is obsessed with that doll even though she rarely watches the show!  Two kisses for Layla girl and then I lay her down in her crib with her pink blanket and her “night night”.  (Yes – I need to get rid of it soon….)
Off to bed, but in my next post I will cover my 3 year old Johnny’s bedtime story routine.

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