Creative Ways to Display & Store Children’s Books

Recently, I came across the cutest ideas on Pinterest for creative ways to store children’s books, while at the same time keeping them on display.  My first inspiration for this post came from Domestic Simplicity, where inexpensive Ikea Spice Racks were used for book storage.  LOVE!

Even though you hate to judge a book by its cover, I’ve found my own kids are more apt to select a book if they can see its cover, rather than when they are filed away on a regular book shelf.  Check out these cost-effective design solutions that will help you de-clutter, display, and preserve the life of your most treasured children’s books.

Above is a Floor to Ceiling Book Display using Pineboard originally posted by the design blog ish & chi.  I ADORE the color coordination here!  Below is a creative renovation of an old shutter.  Repainted and flipped to display books, as seen on Apartment Therapy.

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