Book Review: Giraffes Can’t Dance

Lately, my 3 year old son has been choosing Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae as his go-to bedtime read.  He is a superhero fanatic (which is adorable), however, I have to admit I love when he chooses a book like this as opposed to a Spiderman or Captain America book! 

This is a really touching story about Gerald the Giraffe who so badly wants to dance with the other animals, but feels awkward and self-conscious.  A sad Gerald meets a friendly cricket who teaches him to listen to the sounds around him and dance to his own tune.  So well in fact when he re-joins the other animals – they are in awe.

What my son loves about this book are the vibrant and detailed illustrations of the animals dancing in the jungle.  He giggles when the “chimps do the cha-cha” and “the lions do the tango”.  What I love is the message it sends, which is that it’s okay to be yourself even if that means being different.  This poetic rhyme is song-like, flows well, and is fun to read to your children.

Spread from Giraffes Can’t Dance

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